Infrared Thermography Inspection

Building Thermography Technology
Many of our clients find infrared scanning to be a very valuable service for preventative roof maintenance. Owners know it is important to take care of their roof to maintain proper water-tight function. Our state of the art Infrared Thermography Inspection helps detect and diagnose hidden problems before more serious building damage occurs. A quick infrared scan can detect heat and cooling loss, damaged or inadequate insulation, sub-surface moisture or condensation problems (the main cause of mold growth) and much more.

Preventative maintenance extends the life of the roof, delaying expensive roof replacements. Many contractors charge thousands of dollars for Infrared Thermography Inspection. We provide this service free of charge if we are contracted to repair your roof.

With an infrared inspection of your building, we can:

  • Detect specific areas of heat loss, water leakage and wet insulation
  • Suggest repairs to the roof membrane
  • Compile a detailed report on the condition of your roof
  • Design replacement schedules so that budgets can be established
  • Reduce leaks and lower annual costs

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